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SOVA Idea Compilation

March 26, 2008

Here are some new SOVA Ideas for people to try. They include sending pasta and giving out flyers.


Hand Out Flyers at PMD Time and Darkness launch.

March 15, 2008

Pokemon_MD_Explorers_of_Time Pokemon_MD_Explorers_of_Darkness

On April 20th, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness will be released. There is also a TV Special similar to when the previous games were released. It will probably be dubbed with the new voices. What we should do is hand out these flyers at places that let you reserve the game (Gamestop , EB Games, etc.). We also won’t watch the special when it airs so cartoon network will lose ratings. More info will be posted as it is made available.

Paper Bags

March 10, 2008

Today, I tried the paper bag project. I have made 37 bags. Photos will be posted soon.

Also we need people to maintain the blog.

Our Mission

March 9, 2008

Save Our Voice Actors is a group  to help save Pokemon. We want to help restore the original 4kids Voice Actors. PUSA, the people dubbing the Pokemon anime, tried save money by using the original VAs. We want our voice to be heard. So we will try many things. They will be listed here soon.